Moving From Theory to Action: On Trying New Ways of Doing Things

To support you in identifying better processes, this is a supportive exercise designed to help you loosen attachment that there’s one right way to do it adapted from the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. In doing so you may see patterns that no longer serve you in their original purpose, and gets you accustomed to trying new ways of doing things.

For the next seven days try to do things differently in service of finding perhaps better ways. It’s possible to practice trying new things so that when the opportunity arises, you can be more nimble and open to finding more appropriate solutions.  Some suggestions include:

In your home: How can you shift your daily patterns? Get ready before you eat breakfast or vice versa? Sleep on the other side of the bed or even in the guest bed if you have one? Peel a banana from the other end (see Great Link above). This can be fun! -My kids love it when we have breakfast for dinner J

At work: Where can you mix it up a little? What is your morning routine- checking emails? If so, what if you opened the day with a big project instead? What does lunch look like? How could you try something new? Are there conversations you could have with people you don’t regularly interact with?

Take a new way home– is there a different street you can take home? A different door entrance? (front door versus back door?) Let go of the Mister Rogers routine of doing things exactly the same when you come home?

Throughout this process reflect on:

  • Do I need to update my routines?
  • What might I do differently and perhaps more effectively if I did not feel bound to the way I “have always done it”?
  • What action would I like to take based on this exercise?
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