Book Review: #Unplug: My Life Was Crazy So I Disconnected for 25 Days (Fast Company)

By: Baratunde Thurston

It seems fitting this newsletter to not offer a book, but rather an article. After all, books are so LONG, and you’re reading this newsletter on some sort of technology anyway- so with just a click you can be right there, digesting this information, and finishing in less than five minutes. That said, I do invite you to actually read versus skim the article. I had to remind myself of this as well when I was researching for this piece, and it really did make a difference in the impact it had on me. It’s a great article written by best-selling author and tech comedian Baratunde Thurston as he unplugs for 25 days. It’s honest, concerning, insightful, and pragmatic as it even offers steps on how you can prepare the world for you to disconnect and take a break, too. Article

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