Moving From Theory to Action

To support you in creating your narrative during the “Stay At Home” directive:

–What are my intentions for this Stay At Home period? This could be a quality you want to focus on, a mood you want to help generate in your home, a kind of leader you want to be during this crisis.

–What are the behaviors and practices I can implement to help cultivate this intention?

–Is there a concrete goal I’d like to create for myself? You know for yourself if you will be served by a stretch goal (plant a garden, do 20 push-ups) or something simple (read a book you’ve been wanting to get to).

–Whom would you like to connect with during this time? We may be in social distancing for a while, so having a list of people (friends, family members, people you knew in college) that you can refer to can be helpful.

–Where do I want to be kind to myself? In all of this, there is an opportunity to practice listening to what our bodies need and build a little more self-compassion.

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