Moving From Theory To Action

To support you in deepening your commitment to anti-racism, social justice and equity:

  • If I were to pick one book, movie or resource what would it be? Here are a few useful resource pages: Anti-Racism Resources

  • Who can support me in this process? Is there a friend, family member or a community group I can do this work with?

  • What will be helpful to me so that I don’t “forget?” Is there a way to make a plan now for the year, that I can live into? (e.g., commit to reading one book every three months in the theme of anti-racism? Add four movies to my watch list?) Might I make a work commitment so that I have the support of others as well to help hold me accountable to my intentions?

  • With the idea that goals should be able to be broken down small enough that it feels doable, what is one step I can take toward all of this today?
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