Executive coach and leadership consultant Kerry Secrest inspires the very best in her clients. Kerry pairs her experience working on four continents with a passionate, community-minded approach, helping her clients enhance effectiveness, achieve goals, and deepen personal fulfillment.

Her expertise includes executive coaching, team development, leadership training, and women in leadership. Whether working with individuals or organizations, her goal is to enable her clients to live and lead from core values in order to make a more meaningful impact at work, at home, and in communities. Kerry is proud that Watershed Coaching is a certified B (Benefit) Corp.

Kerry founded the Women’s Leadership Circles of Vermont, an intensive leadership program, and in 2013 she was invited to speak at the International Women’s Leadership Conference on the success of the program. She was appointed in 2014 by the Governor to the Vermont Commission on Women.

Kerry believes that life is an adventure, and that growth happens when we operate in our “stretch zone.” She has organized unguided rafting expeditions north of the Arctic Circle and backpacked through Siberia. In her youth, Kerry was a competitive gymnast who trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

Currently on the faculty of Marlboro College Graduate School, Kerry has a master’s degree in International & Intercultural Relations with a focus on human resource development from the SIT Graduate Institute, and an undergraduate degree from Villanova University. She is an associate with the nationally-recognized Strozzi Institute, for somatic coaching. Kerry is certified as an integral coach through New Ventures West, and as a mediator through the Center for Dispute Settlement.

A dual citizen, Kerry lived three years in Soviet-occupied Lithuania and worked at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. She now serves as the Republic of Lithuania’s Honorary Consul to the State of Vermont, working to promote economic and cultural ties.

Kerry’s most profound adventure has been parenthood, raising her two young daughters with her husband Jon. In 2003, she and her family moved from Washington, DC to Brattleboro, Vermont to support their goal of living in a small and vibrant community, close to nature.


 Q & A With Kerry Secrest 

Can you describe what you do in just a few words?
Support people to live from their best selves.

What five experiences have had a profound impact on you?

  • Being a competitive gymnast as a child
  • Living in Soviet-occupied Lithuania for two years
  • Backpacking through Siberia
  • Moving to Vermont
  • Parenting

What did you learn – as a gymnast?

  • When you cheat on your conditioning, you only cheat yourself.
  • The details (like pointing your toes) are as important as the big tricks.
  • You can learn to do scary-looking things and diminish the risk with practice.

How about some of your other hobbies?
Mushroom hunting, backpacking, adventure travel, sculling, aikido

What’s one skill people don’t often know about you?
I’m mastering the home arts of pickling and canning. Harvesting and preserving the fruit of trees I’ve planted is deeply satisfying.

If you were suddenly handed a day off and no responsibilities and no possibility of working, what would you do with it?
Go on an adventure with my husband. Get a last-minute flight and just go somewhere. Even better if I don’t understand the language.

What’s your dream?
To get to the end of my life and say it was a life well-lived. (And maybe be “beamed” somewhere, Star Trek-style.)

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