Coaching is a partnership between coach and client—a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and supports you as you maximize your personal and professional potential. Outcomes include increased personal effectiveness, stronger relationships, and improved organizational performance. Since everyone’s work is directly affected by their lives outside the office, I take a holistic approach to support both personal and professional goals. This can yield significant and lasting benefits for the organizations where my clients work.

Who is it for?

Leadership coaching promotes the development of a senior leader or business owner, an important individual contributor, or a high-potential employee who could become a major leader or contributor. It can be valuable at times of transition, leadership changes, or shifts in internal or external business environments. Coaching can also help an otherwise effective employee to address a particular area of weakness or difficulty, avoiding the substantial costs of replacing that person.


A leadership coaching engagement with me can help you…

  • Build new leadership skills and competencies for greater effectiveness
  • Find clarity for specific leadership issues, business projects, or other professional decisions
  • Have a sounding board to discuss and problem-solve confidential issues and challenges
  • Chart a course for organizational culture change
  • Successfully step into a new role after a promotion
  • More closely align personal and work life with values
  • Move into the “stretch zone” and step into a bigger game.


I employ a systematic methodology of personal and professional development, which is as much an art as a science. Integral Coaching includes all aspects of personal development: mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual. By integrating personal development in these areas into the greater context of professional development, this holistic approach provides an opening for powerful change and growth in the person and the organization. I incorporate principles that have emerged from the fields of management, neuroscience, somatic coaching, and nature-based learning.

The Process

Significant and lasting change happens over time. A coaching program lasts a minimum of 3 months, and more typically 6-12 months. After a thorough interview and assessment, I design a personalized program that’s structured to create the outcomes the client desires.

While some coaches communicate exclusively by phone, I’ve found that face-to-face contact works best and therefore prefer to meet in person when possible (Skype and FaceTime can also work when in-person meetings are impractical.) I typically speak with a client twice each month and am available for quick check-ins as needed between sessions.

My programs typically consists of four distinct phases:
  1. Assessment: Explore and identify values and coaching goals, through conversation and one or more professional assessment tools.
  2. Goal Planning: Create a tailored professional development plan to meet program outcomes.
  3. Practice: Ongoing coaching while continually evaluating program against development benchmarks and addressing emerging needs.
  4. Closing: Assess progress and successes, map out plans for continuing self-development.

To learn more about the coaching process, contact Kerry.

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