Who Is It For?

Designed for groups of managers and leaders at all levels, this focused approach can have a profound impact on an organization. Leadership development is critical for those who want to take their organizations to the next level. A strategic approach to human-capital development that’s designed to support goals and values maximizes the impact of training and development budgets. It also creates deeper and more positive organizational culture change.


This comprehensive leadership development program integrates the best of experiential and cognitive learning with practical action. We typically meet monthly over a six- to 12-month timeframe, with each module building on the last. While my work is always customized, trainings usually consist of three phases:

  1. Leading Oneself

    Self-awareness and personal mastery are the foundation of outstanding leadership. Assessments and methods may include personality analysis, 360-degree feedback, values clarification, emotional intelligence, working with your inner critic, managing competing commitments, leadership presence, and designing a professional development plan.

  2. Leading Others

    Topics include difficult conversations, team development, influencing without authority, giving and receiving feedback, delegating, and dealing with difficult people.

  3. Training Combined With Individual Coaching

    Training has the greatest impact when combined with coaching. According to a study by the International Personnel Management Association, training alone increased productivity by 22.4 percent, while training in conjunction with individual coaching increased productivity by 88 percent.


Leadership development workshops offer training on a specific topic or competency that can be applied immediately. A workshop can be offered as a professional development benefit, or built into a conference, a retreat, or a broader organizational training program.

My workshop style is intimate, warm, and interactive. I use dynamic media presentations, individual self-reflection, role-play practice, and discussions to accommodate different learning styles. Compared to a lecture format, these approaches are much more engaging and challenging, and participants learn and retain the information better.

Some of my most popular workshops include…

  • Dealing With Conflict and Difficult Conversations
  • Time Trap: Reclaiming Time for What’s Important
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Leading Yourself; Leading Others
  • Women’s Leadership Challenges and Opportunities
  • Generations in the Workplace

For a complete list of workshop topics, contact Kerry.


Want to inspire an audience, reinvigorate a team, or open up an offsite meeting?

Kerry is available as a keynote speaker for conferences, annual meetings, and other group events. She incorporates the most compelling and up-to-date research into actionable, easy-to-remember presentations that are dynamic and thought-provoking.

Kerry draws on her coaching and facilitating background to create an interactive forum for a group to consider new ideas and insights. She can present stimulating topics as a traditional speaker, and/or lead fun exercises and breakout discussions. She leaves her audiences energized with fresh outlooks and useful skills that can increase effectiveness and satisfaction at work.

For a full list of speaking topics, contact Kerry.

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