Through my years of work with women leaders I have cultivated three outstanding offerings for women’s leadership:


Gender Strategy

For organizations committed to bringing more gender equity to the workplace, I work with leaders to assess the organization from a gender perspective, and create a plan for change grounded in research-based best practices. Next, I help the organization turn plans into practice, via coaching and training that supports a culture of inclusion that helps companies get the most out of their talent.


Women’s Leadership Circles For Your Organization/Community

Women’s leadership circles provide a unique space for deep learning and transformation. They can be specifically designed for organizations committed to gender equity, or broader community programs for women leaders interested in personal and professional leadership.


Providing powerful women the space, support and tools
to lead with clarity and confidence.

For full information, please see:  Marlboro College Center for New Leadership

Upcoming: Fall, 2017- Windham County

Since 2011, women’s leadership circles have been growing throughout Vermont and are having a tremendous impact.


  • Alignment: the program supports deep inquiry into personal and professional priorities and helps participants create a life more in alignment with their values.
  • Grounded Foundation: WLC supports women to embody their leadership. Participants explore the link between personal well-being and leadership, and take action in support of their improved health.
  • Real-World Impact: Each WLC participant practices her expanded leadership abilities in a real-world project designed to create meaningful outcomes in alignment with personal values and aspirations.
  • Expanded Capacity: Participants identify their strengths and develop an individualized plan to effectively grow their leadership abilities.
  • Community: Each Circle is intentionally drawn from the same county. Circle members sustain their friendships long after the formal portion of hte WLC is completed, and often continue to meet as a group for years.



Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

Women leaders face unique challenges and often walk a narrow band between what is considered “appropriate” for women and what is not: Be smart, but not too smart… Be assertive, but not too assertive… Nice, but not too nice… Women who learn how to better navigate this leadership landscape (and other personal challenges) can have a greater and more positive impact. A personalized leadership coaching program can increase your power and long-term effectiveness.

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