Who Is It For?

Dynamic teams, where people work well together and are able to accomplish a great deal, are the “sweet spot” in work environments. The opportunity to be part of a great team is empowering, inspiring, fulfilling, and fun! All of that leads to more success in reaching your organization’s bottom-line goals, whatever they may be.


Benefits for the team and organization include positive impacts on:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Communication and managing conflict
  • Morale
  • Client relationships
  • Teamwork and trust
  • Job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Profitability
  • Positive organizational culture


Typically, I’m invited to work with teams* when:

  1. A team is working pretty well together, but is up for a much bigger challenge, and needs support moving from good to great.
  2. A team is in transition. A team may have a new member or leader, or need to work differently to respond to a change or new challenge.
  3. The team has conflict and is not working well together.

*Teams can include:

  • Executive leadership teams
  • Management and staff teams
  • Project teams
  • Strategic business partnerships


While each team is unique, my approach typically involves an assessment phase with interviews, written surveys, or a data-driven Team Diagnostic Assessment. This assessment delivers a comprehensive team profile that highlights strengths and opportunities for improvement. Working from this assessment, we identify priorities and design an action plan.

After the assessment phase, I customize a team coaching program that may include facilitated meetings, skill-building workshops, and team-leader coaching. We’ll set actionable benchmarks for substantive, sustainable changes over an extended period (usually six months).

At the end of this period, if appropriate, a second assessment allows us to compare the results to the original baseline. Using quantitative data to inform a team process can help to make abstract “how we’re going to work together” conversations more concrete. This before-and-after assessment data allows you to measure your return on investment.


Having an experienced facilitator in the room can help you get the results you want from an important meeting or retreat. I can set a tone that creates a safe and ultimately optimistic environment that encourages breakthrough conversations that engage all participants.

As a certified mediator and veteran facilitator, I have years of experience in leading small- and large-group discussions in a variety of scenarios. I incorporate a number of processes including World Café, Futures Search, Five Hats, and Appreciative Inquiry.

Contact Kerry for more information on how I can help you create more productive and meaningful strategic planning meetings and retreats.

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