Here is a list of resources that have influenced my work, and that I highly recommend.



leadership dojo

Leadership Dojo
By Richard Strozzi-Heckler

This is a great book for those interested in embodied leadership – the intersection of business and management strength and integral body awareness. Insightful!


Brain rulesBrain Rules
John Medina

A great introduction to neuroscience and how we can use the way our brain works to our advantage. Funny and practical.


Let your life speakLet Your Life Speak
Parker Palmer

This book on finding one’s vocation invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose. Beautifully-written.


The Way We're Working bookThe Way We’re Working Isn’t Working
Tony Schwartz

An important book that demonstrates how managing our personal energy is critical to being more fulfilled and effective in our lives.


By William Bridges

For anyone in a professional or personal life transition, this book provides a valuable way at looking at the transition process and steps to maneuver through the different stages more successfully.


Start where you areStart Where You Are, A Guide to Compassionate Living
By Pema Chodron

A beautiful book that offers down-to-earth lessons on how to work with ourselves to create more joy, well-being and confidence in our lives. It is written in short essays, so it is easy to read in short snippets or to skip around.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us-Daniel Pink


crucial conversationsCrucial Conversations
By Kerry Patterson

A pragmatic “how-to” book that walks you through a step-by-step process for how to have your toughest conversations with more success and less stress.


primal leadershipPrimal Leadership
By Daniel Goleman

The foundational book that sets emotional intelligence in the context of leadership.


skilled facilitatorSkilled Facilitator
Roger Schwarz

This is a comprehensive book, filled with valuable concepts that can fundamentally shift the quality of interactions with groups and teams. I use these principles in my facilitation of groups.

Build a Tower, Build A Team- Tom Wujec


Standing at the crossroadsStanding At the Crossroads
By Marian Ruderman and Patricia Ohlott

Based on research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership, this book provides a holistic framework for guiding a woman’s growth and development as a high- achieving leader.


The Circle WayThe Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair
Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea

A fantastic guide to building connections by creating meaningful circle conversations both at work and in one’s personal life.


lean inLean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead
Sheryl Sandberg

An updated look on gender in the workplace, work-life balance, and the roles we play. Very readable.


Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders- Sheryl Sandberg


By Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson

Shares insights of behavioral scientists and business leaders of how to take a multi-pronged approach to influencing change. Inspiring stories and practical strategies.


Dealing with the tough stuffDealing With the Tough Stuff: Practical Wisdom for Running a Values-Driven Business
Margot Frasier and Lisa Lorimer

Reading this book is like having a coaching session with some of the nation’s top socially conscious entrepreneurs. Seasoned advice on challenging nuts-and-bolts issues.


fifth disciplineFifth Discipline, The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization
By Peter Senge

This classic provides a solid foundation for understanding organizations. The concepts are bound to bring up new ideas and insights as you consider your own organization.


Everyday BiasEveryday Bias
Howard J. Ross

Written by a dear friend and colleague, this is an important book for anyone wanting to better prepare for our globalized twenty first century.


Why Business Can Be Good at Solving Social Problems-Michael Porter

Kerry’s Research on Women’s Leadership
I am pleased to offer the book chapter my colleague Marla Solomon and I wrote. Women’s Leadership Development Through Networks Of Support: An Analysis Of The Women’s Leadership Circles Of Vermont for the book Managing in the Social Sector: Strategies for Advancing Human Dignity and Social Justice, by editors S. Aqeel Tirmizi and John D. Vogelsang. The chapter explains the scholarship and research behind the Women’s Leadership Circle model, which I presented at the Global Conference of the International Leadership Association this past fall.

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